Explore Nineteen TEN

Nineteen Ten is Adelaide’s best-kept secret, a luxury rooftop bar inspired by the infamous Broadway burlesque clubs owned by The Minsky brothers in the early 1900s. The Minsky Brothers famously revolutionized the way Burlesque was presented during prohibition-era New York.

The four brothers –Abe, Billy, Herbert and Morton created a foundation that we’ve taken and reimagined, creating what you know as the gorgeous Nineteen Ten Rooftop.

The Minsky's emphasized that a good strip tease dancer must know exactly the right moment to remove each garment

"It is not just a matter of going on the stage and taking off clothes - it needs finesse."

Burlesque is reviving and we celebrate and offer a variety of styles to showcase the art of tease for our patrons who are nostalgic for the spectacle and glamour.

Catch our gorgeous performing talent every Friday and Saturday night from 8:30pm until 12:30am.”